NEWS FLASH: Update on Moving and Improving Breakfast Events

Touchstones has run various breakfast events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane over the last fortnight, with Hobart, Launceston, Perth and Adelaide coming up in the next two weeks.

The breakfasts’ focus on key challenges schools face in managing their professional learning programs and attempt to assist attendees in developing a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Senior Professional Learning Consultant at Touchstones, Brett Foster, who has a wealth of experience within education management and consulting, has been travelling around Australia and running the events.

The event agenda was as follows:
7:00-7:30: Breakfast + Networking
7:30-8:15: Discussion and Touchstones presentation
8:15-8:30: Your chance to ask any questions

The Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane events have been incredibly successful, giving schools an opportunity to learn about how Touchstones can help you set a direction for professional learning and foster a collaborative learning community.

‘Schools valued the opportunity to learn what their colleagues in other schools are doing in the goal setting/professional learning space and certainly saw the value in Touchstones as an effective tool to set the agenda for Professional Learning in their school

Touchstones has been so well received at these events that several schools have already put in orders for 2017 with a number indicating at the event that will also be using Touchstones in the future’ (Foster, 2016).

So what are you waiting for?

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