Welcoming a new member to the family: My PDP Online

Touchstones began as a software designed to provide direction for professional learning and evaluation. Now, principals and school leaders can set the direction and oversee the process with the press of a button. By embracing the same supporting coaching methodology, MyPDPonline, powered by Touchstones, equip and empower teachers to grow and develop their own potential by working the online system annually.

It is a simple and user friendly tool that automates the PDP process for teachers, thus implementing an important part of their professional lives. It’s designed to streamline PDPs, save time and additional paperwork. By providing real-time feedback and goal-setting, myPDPonline allows the staff to keep track of progress and achievement. Essentially, continuous development of a skilled and effective teaching workforce correlates into the ongoing improvement of student outcomes.


For Teachers

  • Automates the PDP process
  • Easily collect and use data to set PDPs
  • Automatically share your PDP with colleagues
  • Upload and use evidence to meet your goals
  • Easily stay on track with the process

For Senior Leaders

  • Manages the paperwork
  • Prints a compliant report at the end of the process
  • Helps develop rich learning conversations

For Principals

  • Easily track the process for staff
  • Keeps all PDPs in a central, easy to access location
  • Store the previous year’s PDP for easier planning processes for next year


If you believe myPDPonline has the potential in improving your staff development, JOIN US for a breakfast conversation at four different locations (more dates to be announced!). This will involve an insightful and stimulating discussion around your school’s Performance Development Program and how it can be automated to save time and paperwork.

Event Agenda:
7:00-7:15am: Breakfast
7:15-8:00am: MyPDPonline demonstration
8:00am: Questions
Event cost: FREE

Register your interest here (If your location has not yet been announced, register your area for more possible dates). This is a great opportunity to learn about how we can help you set a direction for professional learning and foster a collaborative learning community.